NOW OR NEVER, the band, grew from the creative vision of Tiffany Elaine. It's a continuing evolution as our styles continue to melt together and new songs are written. We found our groove by combining alt-country, folk, hip hop, rock and roll and a touch of the blues. Hard to describe, but easy to listen to.
TIFFANY ELAINE, our star is lead vocalist and brings so much to the stage with her unique style of singing and song writing! She is the air of this band.
FERNANDO RIVERA, our singer/songwriter, brings his sophisticated and soulful vocals, rhythyms and lyrics into play. He is the fire of this band.
STEVE MEHAN, our lead guitarist, brings the love, peace and rock and roll all day everyday! With his polished sound of rock with a dash of blues, Steve makes our songs come to life! He is the water of this band.